Pentacle Theatre in Salem, Oregon.

Pentacle TheatreThe Pentacle Theater is not your typical poor little theater, which you walk into because you don’t have anything better. This small local theater has great seats, comfy and padded, but that’s not the only good thing they have.

The performances they do are great. They do from children’s theater plays to more adult plays. It is close to the city so it is easy to ask and know what they will do that day. They show that the actors work hard and do their best to do what they like. The costumes they use in the plays are perfect, unlike many theaters that use any cloth. Drinks and snacks are very cheap, so we won’t have to worry about thirst or hunger.

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324 52nd Ave NW, Salem, OR 97304

This coupled with the atmosphere of the theater, surrounded by trees, giving a cozy cabin look. To make a visit to the Pentacle Theater is an outstanding success on a trip, whether family or couple.